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A Prayer Sprung from the Depths of Anguish
07-17-2010, 07:59 PM
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A Prayer Sprung from the Depths of Anguish

A Prayer Sprung from the Depths of Anguish

God, I feel at times that You hardly exist
Or if You are there You don’t like to mix
When I wonder if there is anyone like me
Puzzled by such puerile questions
Some voice within me tells me to remain calm

Waiting for the unexpected to happen
To relieve me of my nagging enquiries
But endless wait aggravates my miseries
How long will it take You, Lord, to grant my wish?

While questions upon questions pile up
I lose my sleep—and my loneliness is deepened
Then, my heart weeps with unshed tears
Even walk on the seashore doesn’t help
And I return to my bed with a freezing sigh

But before long I am possessed by a sense of guilt
Why have I forgotten that Holy Being
Who creates and takes care of every little being?
Then a tiny light flashes across my mind
To help me see this plain truth within myself
That a prayer sprung from the depths of one’s anguish
Alone can evoke Lord God’s merciful answer
For, His inscrutable will that sustains this mystery
Must invariably be done on earth as in heaven!

By Miss Damanpreet Kaur Sahni

The Poem can be downloaded from this Link

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