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Expectance or Acceptance
07-03-2010, 01:05 PM
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Expectance or Acceptance
Sri Guru Granth Sahib

For the last few days, I have been feeling as if I am getting into the history of Divine Gurus. I get a lot of knowledge, some I could retain & some I could not.., but asking the same thing from others, I could retrieve that it is difficult to keep the knowledge on mind but of course the being who could not let the information off the mind, becomes close to Waheguru Ji...,

I am heartily thankful to Dr. Jagir Singh, Hony. Editor of esteemed magazine “Amrit Kirtan”, through which he encouraged me to gain ancillary knowledge about Sikhism. I surfed the site for quite long with whole of my heart & soul & requested Dr. Singh to give me a chance of growing with them, of putting my enthusiasm into performance, of serving & reaching Waheguru Ji as close as possible.. I prayed to Waheguru Ji to allow me to become a part of you, a part of the divine magazine...

I am sure I will not be disappointed & will definitely get a venture to express myself.., the faith which I am holding is due to the prayer I offer Him daily, called “ARDAS”

I read an article on written by Almighty’s person, Sab Parmaatma Dai Hath… I put my due respect to him & his words. Really Waheguru ji never puts us into troubles; rather we create them for us ourself. Parmaatma has given us the intellectual power & strength to act wisely & take decisions to some extent taking the basic principles into consideration which are created by Guru Ji. Their teachings & preachings are necessary to be followed to attain salvation... We normally by doing ill works cannot blame Almighty by saying that everything is in God’s hands…

Here I would like to introduce my thoughts on the fact that whatever good or bad happens to us, is actually good for us, but in certain situations we take it otherwise & try to find the solution ourselves, try to have a quarrel with Him, try to examine Him by keeping conditions… We do not realize that we just have to workout without expecting anything from Him.., the inner soul must not ask for anything in return until we achieve salvation, the more delay in getting what we are desperate for, our excitement gets vanished, Here Guru ji wants us to comprehend the value of those wishes which we are desperate for... We break off with worldly desires & covet, and we do not endure any contented & tear-jerking emotions…,

Rather our mind & soul stay idyllic & become blissful in the hope of getting amalgamated with Waheguru Ji.

I would like to add on… Karam Kiye Ja, Baaki Sab Mujh Par Chhod De - its true but accepting & implementing it practically is quite difficult. One cannot stop himself to expect from Waheguru Ji & he actually offers Him with prayers for the hope of getting through with his desperations…

By: Damanpreet Kaur Sahni

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